The SED SOUL team (Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle) keep the music coming with another brand new single. This one’s a big, big soul/gospel beater, ‘My Work; from a new name to us, BRANDON DELAGRAENTISS.

Our pals at Sed Soul tell us that Brandon hails from Texas and he sees himself as “an Actor, TV Host, Vocal Coach, Choir Director, Singer/Songwriter” … oh, and he’s the son of a Preacher Man and his gospel background is evident on the passion and commitment he puts into ‘My Work’ . The song is based on St Matthews Gospel, chapter 7, verse 16 but the mood’s far removed form a stuffy Bible class. It’s a big, “up” sound with an infectious hook and it works on all sorts of levels.

Anoraks will want to know that ‘My Work’ was written by  Rob Hardt, David A Tobin and Brandon himself. ‘My Work’ is out now and all set to become a summer anthem and even  the more conservative soul crowd will surely get past the organic spoken word parts – more energized sermonising than rapping!