GUTO D’HARCULETE (real name Augusto Delfim A J Harculete) hails from Mozambique and describes himself as “a progressive soul artist”. He grew up surrounded by music – his father was an avid vinyl collector  and as a youth he resolved to make music his career. Ever a realist, though, he studied civil engineering at the university in Maputo in Mozambique. However one of his fellow students  was the brother of Mozambique’s most famous hip-hop artist and that relationship became Guto’s entry ticket to the world of pro music.

He released his first solo EP in 2013 but then, suddenly, Guto decided to retire, he said for  “spiritual restoration and studies”! I 2019 he mad a “comeback” with a song called ‘Guta’ dedicated to his daughter of that name. Collaborations with fellow Mozambique artists like Origimoz, Lams, Twin C, Master Uvas and Vee have seen Guto piecing together a new album from which ‘In My Head’ appears to be the lead single.

It’s a lazy, languid neo-soul affair… “progressive soul”, if you would,  and reminiscent of the work of Reuben James via Raphael Saadiq. There’s jazzy bass line delivered on  a stand-up bass, brushed drums and layered harmonies, all underpinning a laid back vocal which appeals for equality and love in this tortured world. Watch out too for an unusual ending beginning at about three minutes in!

Guto D’Harculete ‘In My Head’ Released Tangential Music April 28th