MARC STAGGERS’ ‘Lets Go Out Night’ LP was a winner right across the board… not come across anyone who wasn’t impressed by everything about it… the consummate modern soul album!!!

Marc has just released the next single from the collection – the ultra tasty ‘All I Need And Want Is You’. The duet with Nia Simmons was always an album highlight and it’s still sounding good … and as good is the new mix of it that comes courtesy of Mr Reliable… Nigel Lowis. A little more up-tempo, Nigel creates a hugely danceable bed over which Marc’s Vandross styled vocal stays way up front – in perfect harmony with Ms Simmons.

More good news? Marc will be arriving in the UK very soon to join in the DSG Thames Summer Soul Cruise… he’ll be singing live as the soul crew make their way joyously down old Father Thames on Sunday, July 21st between 1.45 pm – 6 pm. Ship ahoy!!!