In May you may have come across a couple of new, tight 80s Weekender-flavoured dance tunes from Texan soul sister ANGIE GOODEN (Angela Denise Gooden to her mum and dad!) who also fronts a band called Untouchable Chemistry.

Angie’s two tunes were ‘All Day Long’ and ‘Feelin’ Kinda Funky’ and from the titles you can sort of guess what to expect! Yep! They’re proper boogie burners with, as we’ve said that crunchy, bassy, 80s Weekender vibe.

Both were made available digitally by Newcastle-based Six-Nine Records who told us that ‘All Day Long’ was totally  new while ‘Feelin’ Kinda Funky’ has been around since last year on a French 12”. However, this Six-Nine version is a brand new T-Groove remix.

Both these essential dancers are available digitally on all major streaming and download platforms right now but if you’re vinyl collector they’ll be out on plastic (is that what vinyl is?) “early this month”. The disc is a proper double A sider and it will see you through all your summer parties.

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