It was back in the summer of 2022 that we enjoyed and enthused about a wonderful, contemporary soul groove from ever-dependable TERRI GREEN. Said  tune was ‘Caught Up’ – a collaboration with Sed Soul/Cool Million’s Rob Hardt, so we knew right away that soul quality was guaranteed!

Now to underline that old adage that you just can’t keep a good tune down, Terri’s ‘Caught Up’ is back with us in a brand new mix courtesy of (again) good ‘ole Rob Hardt!

Like the original ‘Caught Up’, this  new tweak has real feel-good vibe. It’s a little faster and tighter than the original but I guess we’d still call it mid -tempo – a very danceable, steppers sort of mid-tempo though! Mr H provides all the instrumentation and the package comes recommended! It’s out May 4th via Music Hub 2024 and why not try Terri’s new music podcast. ‘The Green Room’, monthly on her Youtube channel starting May 1st.

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