Soul queen TERRI GREEN is on a real roll right now. Her last outing ‘Turnt Up Tonight’ – a collaboration with Randy Hall  – was a proper feel good, hands in the air 80s weekender tune. There were three mixes and they dominated the soul charts – with the wonderful Georgie B mix still doing plenty of business. Indeed, right now the Georgie tweak is proudly sitting atop the UK soul chart!

Not one to sit on her laurels, Ms Green is striking while  the proverbial iron is still red hot with another wonderful new single – ‘Caught Up’. The track is a a collaboration with Sed Soul/Cool Million’s Rob Hardt, so you know right away that we’re talking total contemporary soul quality. It has those same feel-good characteristics that made ‘‘Turnt Up Tonight’ such an outstanding tune and for sure, there’s real chemistry between the Sed Soul set up and Terri .

Co-producer on Caught Up’ is a certain Reggie Staggers who also co-penned the song as he did with ‘Turnt Up Tonight’ which helps explain the similarities in quality! That link is further enhanced by the fact that the new release features  much the same team of stellar players – notably  the NWO (New World Order) Horns… Lenny Harris (Sax), Gilbert Pryor (trumpet) and Wondel Brown (trombone),

The good news is that ‘Caught up’ is the lead track on a Terri Green/Sed Soul EP entitled‚ Finally Here‘ and the single is good to go now!