‘Nothing But Love’ is a brand new modern soul tune from a brand new artist – HD. But to say HD is new to the scene isn’t quite accurate. You see, HD is the alter ego of bassist/ producer Benjamin Race.

Young Ben is best known for his work with the Doggett Brothers (do check out their lovely ‘Colours’ album; see our reviews archive) but he’s also collaborated with people like Alexander O’Neil and members of Incognito and Jamiroquai.

‘Nothing But Love’ is his first single and, set for an early September release, it features a sultry, soulful vocal from Laura Jackson. Laura’s CV includes work with Cool Million, The Doggett Brothers, The Baltic Soul Orchestra, Kenny Thomas, Yarborough & Peoples, Candi Staton and D-Train. Like HD (Ben) they clearly all heard the special quality of her voice that makes it perfect for the modern soul formula and ‘Nothing But Love’ is a pretty perfect modern soul artefact… tight beats, great melody and some proper, popping bass lines from HD himself…but then you’d expect that!