The eclectic ADA MORGHE is a Munich-based singer, writer and film / theatre director and today (24th February) she releases  her third album, ‘Lost’. The long player has been prefaced by two singles, ‘The Story’ and ‘Here Now’. Both were laden with intrigue and offered a plaintive, haunting but graceful quality and the newly released long player offers more of the same.

Ada tells us that ‘Lost’ is a “concept” album. Apparently the record’s theme  is  shaped around the four elements that our elders thought made the world: fire, air, earth and water. She says: this record  has a very definitive purpose – to use music to make sense of the myriad joys, sorrows, shocks and surprises that emerge throughout life”. The album opens with a prologue then the individual tracks logically meld so that, as Ms M. says the album completes a circle to mirror that of life itself.”

Helping Ada flesh out her ideas are Prince alumnus Hans Martin Buff who has produced the album while each of the core musicians represent the four ancient elements. Earth is represented by Livingstone Brown’s bass, water by Luke Smith’s keyboards, fire by Josh MckNasty’s drums, and air by Luca Boscagin’sguitar. Amongst other featured musicians are harpist Ruth Walland the German jazz master Till Brönner. Between them artist, musicians and producer create something unique. For sure, ‘Lost’ isn’t  soul or jazz but there’s a gentle jazzy feel and a soul undertow to the concept. The vocals are soundscapes are mysterious and one eminent commentator has suggested that Ms Morghe combines the haunting  elegance of Edith Piaf with the smooth soul of Sade.

Ada Morghe’s ‘Lost’ is out now on digital, CD and vinyl formats and you can catch the flavour via a very special video which was directed by Florian Seidel. Go to