ON IMPULSE are a Dutch jazz fusion trio – Coen Molenar (keys), Frans Vollink (bass) and Sebastiaan Cornelissen (drums) – and they have a decent CV behind them which includes work with Randy Brecker and sax man Nigel Hitchcock.

Their latest album is the 15 track ‘Round About Now’ and anyone pining nostalgically for the great days of electro-tinged jazz fusion could do worse than investigate. The sound of On Impulse is reminiscent on Spyro Gyra in their early days, tough On Impulse’s music is ultimately more challenging and cerebral particularly on the slower numbers like ‘Club Ellen’ and ‘Summer Rain’.

Sax player Nigel Hitchcock is on hand on three tracks adding colour but the revelation is the input of vocalist Deborah J Carter. She’s out  front on four cuts bringing a Carmen Lundy style colouring to the album. Her ‘September Sun’ is particularly strong

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