The death of master drummer AARON SPEARS was announced on Monday October 30th. The news was broken by his wife, Jessica via a post on  the drummer’s Instagram page. The post did not include a time, date or place of death for Spears, nor a cause of death. He was aged 47.

Spears was brought up in the strict Pentecostal Church and it was at the family’s Washington DC church that young Aaron was first introduced  to music and as a child he became obsessed with drums and drumming. Aged 23, he joined a local band in DC –  the  jazz/fusion outfit Gideon Band (GB) whose lyrics delivered gospel messages. Then, mentored by Gerald Heyward, Aaron was introduced to usher’s MD, Valdez Brantley who signed him up  for the singer’ road (and eventually, studio) band.

Spears then went on to work with a whole host of artists across all kinds of genres… including Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber!