It was December when we enjoyed a new single from the lovely LINDSEY WEBSTER. ‘Feels Like Forever’, we were told, was the hors d’oeuvre to Ms W’s “upcoming” album.

Well that album is almost ready to roll. Her people tell us that the  ‘A Woman Like Me’, set will be good to go on March 27th on Shanachie Records.

Like her previous work, ‘A Woman Like Me’ has been co-produced by Lindsey’s (recently divorced) husband, Keith Slattery and it features input from people like drummer Vinnie Colaiuta , bassist Nathan East and percussionist Luis Conte. Lindsey says: “It was incredible to be able to work with Nathan, Vinnie, and Luis. So many of my favourite recordings feature these guys, and my mind would get blown frequently while recording, as I would remember that I was working with my idols! Also, working with different people gives a different vibe and feel. I love what everyone brought to the music.”

The eleven track album features one cover – a treatment of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and we’ll feature a full review very soon.