Silky Steps is an indie-soul/pop group from Estonia, who, over the last month or so launched two disco flavoured singles … ‘Fly, Goodbye’ and ‘I Like It I Love It’. And now, the tracks’ parent album ‘Universal Language’ has just won release

We’ve learned that the set is actually Silky Steps’ second long player. Their first was released back in 2017 and, apparently, it was “big in Estonia”! Now with ‘Universal Language’ the quintet are hoping for wider support and with its innocuous take on the lighter side of disco with a Chic flavour they just might succeed.

The majority of the tracks are aimed at the floor. Amongst the exceptions are the slower grooves’ of ‘Boytoy’ and  ‘Alone Together’ ( a Euro pop sound),  a funkier ‘Falling For You’ with rap input from MC Roki and the opener, ‘Music’ which begins with a rock guitar barrage before developing into a dance groove.

‘Universal Language’ won’t trouble the serious soul crowd but those who like a little, lightweight bop might  want to investigate. It’s out now via Funk Embassy Records.