GEMIA BURNS is the sweet voiced daughter of veteran soul entrepreneur Preston Glass and he’s been keeping her a secret until very recently – February this year to be precise when he collaborated with her on a catchy, sweet soul single…. ‘When I Think Of You’. A light confection, it had a hint of Philly about it (think Barbara Mason) and was topped by a jazzy sax solo from a mystery player who Mr Glass refused to name… intriguing.

Gemia is gearing up to release a similarly sounding single this coming Friday, 14th May. The new tune is ‘Like Velvet’ and Ms B says: “Like Velvet is a sweet, but fun record to be a part of. I was dancing to the music a bit and having fun while singing. I really am fortunate to be able to work with my father, whom I respect and enjoy spending time with. He is so talented, and I get to learn so much when we record in the studio”.

Praise indeed but Gemia deserves plenty of credit to for her sweet warbling. By the way, ‘Like Velvet’ features another jazzy sax solo from (I’m assuming) the same mystery player! ‘Like Velvet’ by the way comes from an upcoming ‘Captivating Grooves’ album.