The lovely CARLA COOKE has a remarkable soul pedigree. She’s the youngest daughter of the legendary Sam Cooke and like dad, Carla learned her craft in the church. And like Sam, Carla eventually embraced secular music and has since enjoyed a successful career fronting The Daughters of Rhythm and Blues and performing in the show ‘Wondrous Stories’.

Right now Carla’s busy promoting her own solo album – ‘A Time To Remember’, a nine song set that moves easily between gospel and soul and to keep her father’s legacy alive she covers two his songs. One is the iconic anthem ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’; the other is the plaintive ‘Lost And Looking’ which originally appeared on Sam’s ‘Night Beat’ album. Here Carla offers the song a capella as she does with her version of ‘Summertime’ – both highlight the soulful purity of her voice… her father’s daughter, for sure!

Other album highlights include the gospel-inspired ‘Not Gonna Let You Go’ (which owes something to ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’) , the sweet pop/soul of ‘Forgive Me’ (the best song Whitney Houston never recorded!) and the jaunty, gospel message song ‘I Want To Thank You’.

Take Sam Cooke out of the equation here and ‘A Time To Remember’ would still be an inspiring, enjoyable contemporary soul album, but the link with Sam just adds something really special.

Find out more @ www.carlacooke.com