WORRICKA (above) is an Essex-born soul and R&B singer who began his career more prosaically as “Joe Worriker”. Pacted to Rough Trade, young Joe released couple of EPs and a single. Last year our Joe morphed into Worricka and released a single, ‘Constitution’. The neo-soul flavoured track won plenty of support and, really believing in the song , the singer has had it remixed as ‘Constitution part 2’.

The mix comes courtesy of  UK producer Craigie Dodds and he injects a 90s hip-hop flavour into the track, but it’s the smoky, soulful vocal that remains the star of this show. There’s a haunting quality to this one and Joe W says: “I really believe in this track, so I thought why not an alt version do to pull it in a slightly different direction. It’s rooted very much in jazz and soul and it was really fun experimenting with new production. Craigie works with some great nu-jazz, neo-soul artists, so I knew he’d be perfect for the remix. He recently worked on an amazing track with Yazmin Lacey called ‘Morning Matters’ which I absolutely love! We seem to connect stylistically, but we push and pull each other to a good artistic space where we meet each other in the middle and so far, this is what makes our tracks together turn out so well. To me, ‘Part II’ sounds like a completely different song. When the intro comes in with just the backing and beat, it gives me slight Lil’ Kim vibes! I hope people love this new version as much as I do.” Out now!