‘That Special Touch’   is the latest album offering from garlanded smooth jazz sax man, KIM WATERS. The LP (Kim 25th as leader) is a concise ten tracker and with it Kim says he tries to offer some kind of respite from life’s frenetic pace. So, don’t expect anything too complex, demanding or cerebral – just sweet melodies, soulful grooves and catchy hooks delivered with a slick gloss and consummate professionalism. In other words – smooth jazz as it was meant to be.

That vibe is apparent right from the start with the soulful, upbeat ‘Joy Dance’. ‘House Call’ (a little faster), ‘Get Ur Groove On (a little funkier) and the closing ‘Pathway To Love’ offer more of the same. If you want something a lot gentler, there’s a cover of Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ and Kim’s take on Joe’s ‘If I Were Your Man’ which is a little more robust than the Adele tribute. ‘If I Were Your Man’, though not a full vocal, does offer vocal parts from Raynard Gibson who’s a perfect foil for Waters’ weaving sax.

Undoubted highlight though is the album’s title track on which Mr. W is joined by one of his twin daughters, pianist Kayla Waters.  He says: “I never persuaded Kayla to go into music. She took on the piano when she was 11 months old and by the time, she was five or six, I was like ‘Wait a minute, she’s got something here! It is absolutely amazing to have the opportunity to perform with my daughter in concerts and then have the chance to play a duet with her on this record. It was incredible to watch her do the piano parts. She is so critical about everything she does which I appreciate. It’s a great attribute that will be useful throughout her career and give her longevity.” You can hear the joyful chemistry between father and daughter running right through the track.

KIM WATERS ‘THAT SPECIAL TOUCH’ – out now via Shanachie.