The simply named YORK is a German multi-instrumentalist who’s worked across various genres. He’s played with people like Randy Crawford, Phil Collins, Mousse T and the Bahama Soul Club. He also records in his own right and his latest project is an album close to his heart…. ‘The Soul Jazz Experience Volume 1’.

York has long been a fan of this 60s/early 70s genre and, bringing together some top German sesssioneers to augment his own keys, sax and flute and using analogue equipment and vintage instruments, he’s tried to re-create the magic of “Soul-Jazz”.

The album opens in  fine style with a lively cover of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Satisfaction’ (you’ll remember, the 60s Soul-Jazz giants had a penchant for pop covers). The rest of the tracks are originals and include an intriguing ‘YSL & BB’ which includes speech samples from Yves St Laurent and Brigitte Bardot – the duo to whom the track is dedicated. The closing ‘Move And Groove’ is a big tune too – capturing a 60s groove, while ‘BSC Tribute’ is just that – a homage to the Bahama Soul Club with whom York regularly collaborates. The LP also offers a sprinkling of Latin vibes… ‘The Days In Brazil’ and ‘Flamingo Girl’ amongst them.

York’s ‘The Soul Jazz Experience Volume 1’ is out now  via Upper Level Record and looking at the title, we obviously expect a volume  2 some time!