AMANOVA is a young French singer/songwriter who’s just released her debut recording… a 6 track EP with the quirky title ‘On A Smoothy Way’.

The music is hard to pigeon-hole. Yes- as the title implies, it’s certainly smooth…. though it’s not smooth jazz; it’s not soul…. but there’s a soulful undertow to the proceedings. Nor is it straightforward pop but is has a certain Gallic, populist charm – typified the by the first cut ‘What A Way To Be’… jazzy and loose with some great piano from Philippe Gatto. The starkly titled ‘Red’ rides a Latin vibe while the most complex tune is ‘When I’m Dreaming Of New Orleans’ – sung partly in French and with a real flavour of the Crescent City Jazz scene – something that’s revered in France.

Yes… ‘On A Smoothy Way’ is a tad different and you can find out more @ www.amanova.net