BRETTINA is a Bahamas based jazz singer songwriter. She grew up in a show business family – her mother is gospel singer Leona Coakley Spring, and her uncles are Theo and Kirk Coakley of the 1970 funk/soul  band T-Connection.

Her latest single is  tune called ‘Simple Pleasures’ – another COVID-insopired song. She says; “In these Covid hit times It’s about appreciating the simple things in life”. However, making this ‘Simple Pleasure’ not quite so simple is the fact that it comes in three quite different remixes!

First up is the lead mix – courtesy of Bluey Maunick! Brettina tells us she’s a long-time fan of the Incognito sound and for the mix Bluey has brought the trademark horn driven Incognito sound. It’s a great cut.

The second tweak comes via Yakul (a  Brighton based electronic soul/jazz outfit) who change tempo to create an eerie, ethereal ramble. For the third mix, as you might expect, Ski Oakenfull delivers a 4 to the floor soulful house dub. Interestingly both Yakul and Oakenfull have worked with Incognito in the past and to be honest it’s the Bluey/Incognito mix that wins out here!