Ms J.B. ROSE is a real arts/entertainment/music  multi tasker with a varied career dating back to 1983. Back then, she saw her future in music  but she’s since diversified into writing, mentoring, YOUTUBE-ing and acting.  Amongst her achievements is helping write ‘Brothers and Sisters’ (the UK’s first black soap drama) for the BBC.

Her first love remains music and over the years she’s released plenty of classy Brit soul and that’s almost an apt description of her latest release –   a cover of the Maze 1983 classic ‘We Are One’. However we’re maybe a bit off the mark with “Brit soul”. You see the music for this this tasteful, languid version was actually recorded in Jamaica at Pure Flame Studio, Halfway Tree with musicians who have worked with people  like Jimmy Cliff and Shaggy. The producer is Howard Buckley (AKA Fada Buck) who recorded Ms R’s vocals at Jehovah Jireh Mixing Lab in Wembley, North London So, a veritable cocktail with a super tasty end result – total respect for the original and just enough fresh ideas to merit serious investigation. Out now!

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