HITSHACK is a US collective – part of Orlando-based production company Hitshack Entertainment, where the masterminds are husband and wife team, Brian K. Morgan and Katie Goulet. They debuted musically back in 2016 as B & THE FAMILY with a catchy disco slanted, Chic flavoured, ‘A Good Time’. It was real family affair with Brian and Katie’s daughter Tayler Morgan-Stephens on drums and Evie Goulet is on keyboards.

More B &the Family singles followed but now it seems that Brian and Katie are working as Hitshack and their current single, ‘Perfect Love’ is winning attention Stateside. Easy to hear why. It’s an infectious dancer and very, very  easy on the ear – a mix of catchy soul and lite R&B. The cut features male vocalist Al-Mega while the guitar parts come courtesy of Brian (who’s worked with the Sugarhill Gang and Kashif) while Katie delivers the deep bass lines. Light and innocuous; this is a proper summer tune!

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