Latest single from MS1 PROJECT (essentially two brothers … MIKE HARRISON (aka DJ Blue) and session musician GEORGE HARRISON) is a sensual Brit soul groove, ‘Passion’. The brothers wrote the song with a little input from long-time collaborator, TERRELL “BISHOP” BEANE.

We’ve enjoyed plenty of solid singles from the Project over the last few years but this one really delivers. It’s, I’d suggest, their most soulful sound to date. It’s very “American sounding – maybe that’s down to the sensual vocal of New York singer DANIEK ASHLEY – but that vocal’s not the only attraction. The production’s big and full-on with soulful sax parts from ARTEM JAZZ. His playing complements perfectly the message in the music – a lady’s strong feelings about her man and she feels comfortable in herself to take the lead on their romantic liaison! Passionate indeed!

This ‘Passion’ will be available as a single release first on Bandcamp from 8th March. Then on all major digital streaming and download platforms worldwide from 15th March. Recommended!