Latest offering from UK jazz and soul guitarist DAVE MASCALL is a sweet collaboration with vocalist HANNAH WHITE. The tune is a gentle ‘Gotta Trust In Love’ which, Dave says  (for the rug cutters) clocks in at a steady 100 bpm and, depending on your stamina, you can choose the full five and  a half minute workout or go for the slightly shorter radio edit.

Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy the song’s optimism, delivered convincingly by Hannah (little wonder she’s a session singer of choice for people like George Benson, the Rolling Stones and Kenny Thomas.) Sonically, Mascall’s guitar parts have just a hint of ‘Breezin’ while there’s the extra bonus of flute and sax input from Paula Borrell.

‘Gotta Trust In Love’ is available now  – only from Dave’s web site … www.davemascallmusic.com