Over the past year or so, Toronto-based retro-soul artist CLAIRE DAVIS has impressed with a series of classy soul singles, like ‘Times Have Changed’, ‘Long Gone’, ‘Thrive’ and  ‘Playground’. Right now Claire is putting the finishing touches to an album, ‘Get It Right’ which is still under wraps but due very soon!.

While we wait, her team at LRK Records are lining up a new single as a tasty hors d’oeuvre. Given Ms D’s past releases, you won’t be surprised to learn that the song, ‘Intuition’ is a sweet and lovely throwback sound. Claire’s ‘Intuition’ perfectly captures the current modern soul vibe that offers a contemporary twist on the retro. She sings soulfully, the tune’s a right old ear worm, the tempo is just right – a smooth mid tempo groove and the production (which includes classic femme harmony BVs) is totally sympathetic. I can offer no better praise than to say this ‘Intuition’ sounds like something from the soulful end of the famed Brill Building’s production line.

Claire Davis’s ‘Intuition’ will be good to go from 27th January. Find out more @ https://lrkrecords.bandcamp.com/