LUKAS SETTO make a welcome return with a lovely new single …. ‘Masterpiece’  –  a proper 80s throwback sound!

For the cut, Lukas and his team found inspiration in the good time music of people like Bobby Brown, Guy, Bel-Biv-DeVoe and H-Town and the gang succeed in bringing a really authentic feel to their ‘Masterpiece’.

The lyrics are clever too. Obviously the protagonist considers the object  of his affection a true masterpiece but the words bring in real “masterpieces” like the Mona Lisa, Sunflowers and works by Picasso.  Like I said, clever.

However, it’s that 80s vibe that captivates  – a vibe that will appeal to both the soul and R&B crowds and it’s poppy enough to sit sweetly on any mainstream radio station playlist!