‘Love Revolution’ is the title of the latest album from Canadian born guitarist/singer AL PEREZ. We believe that Al’s now based in Los Angeles but he’s popular on the vibrant Portland music scene where the discerning public relish his honest take on rock-tinged, blues-flavoured soul with a garnish of Americana. He’s a busy man – constantly touring and playing out live, consequently his recordings tend to be sporadic. Indeed, ‘Love Revolution’ is only Al’s fourth solo LP. The last one, ‘Next’   was released back in 2003 and before that  he’d released ’97’s ‘Travlinman’ and  2000’s ‘Finally’. All three albums won plenty of radio support and built a coterie of fans who’ll be delighted to have some new music from Mr P.

‘Love Revolution’ begins with the title track – a gentle, building workout that proclaims the obvious; love, of course, is the answer. Al delivers with conviction supported by sweet BVs. The album ends with a laid back, introspective ‘Mermaid’ enriched by a lovely acoustic guitar break. In between there’s plenty more of Al’s very particular sound including insistent, bluesy beater ‘Let The Player Play’ which was the album’s lead single. It’s  one of the album’s catchiest items. Another highlight is the heartfelt cover of Van Morrison’s romantic masterpiece ‘Have I Told You Lately’. The song’s been covered countless times, of course, and many of those covers wallow in sentimentality. Like the song’s author, Al avoids the inherent saccharine  and his declaration of love is the more convincing for that.

AL PEREZ: ‘Love Revolution’ out now via Warrior Records.