Latest  soul offering from RICH BEGGAR (Prem Sharma) sees our man rekindle his association  with Don-E who’s at the production desk for a lovely, up-tempo cover of Billy Ocean’s ‘Nights’.

‘Nights’ is Rich Beggar’s official follow up to his three  Soul Chart hits – ‘Who Can Be Sure’, ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ and ‘ Sucha Good Feelin’ and with such a catchy vibe the newie is sure to follow their pathway to the top! You might know that ‘Nights’ is subtitled ‘Feel Like Getting’ Down’ and as soon  as the needle hits the vinyl here (metaphorically speaking of course) you will feel like getting’ on down!

The track is currently good to go via Rich Beggar’s store  – https://richbeggarmusic.com/   and it will soon be available via all reputable online stores and leading digital streaming platform outlets.