KLASSIC MAN is the musical alter ego of Daryl Lynn Prater and his earlier this year ‘Love Frequency’ single caused a few ripples on our little soul pond. It’s now set to make bigger waves as, at last, it’s gaining support from all quarters and being championed by the ever excellent Gary van den Bussche of DSG.

The USP of ‘Love Frequency’ is its remarkable Marvin Gaye vibe… sensual, multi layered and with a weaving sax, it will  remind you of plenty of MPG tunes (mostly ‘Distant Lover’) but it’s still uniquely a Klassic Man’s tune! It’s  quite lovely and serves to remind us of what we’ve missed since Marvin’s passing!

DSG are also promoting two more cuts from Klassic Man and both very different to ‘Love Frequency’. First up there’s the slowish stepper, ‘Answer Your Name’; then there’s a respectful cover of William Bell’s ‘I Forgot To Be Your Lover’. Both came out as singles earlier this year and deserve investigation. Though it’s the uncanny Gaye vibe of ‘Love Frequency’ that will grab the real attention. By the way, the Gaye link is no coincidence. Our man has toured regularly with a Motown tribute show and he also fronts a Marvin Gaye tribute band, Daryl Lynn and the Klique. Oh, and his people tell us he grew up in Gospel but after even a quick listen that’s obvious. All three tunes, good to go now!