Back at the start of March we reported that that most elusive of soul men, MAXWELL was all set to release some new music… a mere seven years since his last release (remember the tricky ‘Blacksummersnight’?)

Well now it seems it’s all official. Our man is going to release the second part of the ‘Blacksummersnight’ trilogy in July… better late than never.

In the meantime he’s all set to drop the first single –a moody, shifty, edgy and, yes, enigmatic groove called ‘Lake By The Ocean’. It’s a hypnotic little thing and Maxwell uses all those familiar vocal inflections that we’ve come to know and love. And despite a change of image, you’ll be relieved to hear that his lyrics remain mystical and often oblique. Try : “…all I see is love, everything is love, lake by the ocean sweet like the motion…”

A diligent web search will, lead you to ‘Lake By The Ocean’ and we will, of course, bring you as in-depth album review just as soon as we have our copy!