UK soulstress JOANNA COOKE has impressed over the last few years with a series of convincing singles like the  lush and lovely ‘Good Lover’ and the equally fine, ‘Like A Lover’  and, of course, there was her heartfelt EP, ‘Kaleidoscope’ .

Joanna now continues her upwards trajectory with a new single – a sweet and lovely version of the Bee Gees’ classic ballad, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’. Oddly, maybe, it’s the first cover song that she’s recorded.

It’s also a  “live” recording – that’s to say, not “live” on stage but “live” in one take in the  studio. She explain: “The session felt like everything flowed, just as though we’d played together for years, although we’d only ever performed together live twice on the previous two nights. “How Deep Is Your Love” is such a great song & we recorded it live on a hot summer’s day at Chapel Studios in Sussex. I hope my new take on it sits well with both new listeners & music lovers with fond memories of the Bee Gees original”.

The immediacy of the recording delivers a real intimacy and the Hammond-led arrangement (courtesy of Mark Edwards) gives a Southern soul feel to the affair. We know the song’s  been covered  countless times – most notably by dear old Luther Vandross, but here Joanna’s simple, soulful version offers a whole new perspective. It’s out now