We all know that true soul knows no international boundaries and even the sometimes bleak and flat Netherlands is a soul hot bed! True. That nation’s premier soul band happens to be THE TIBBS who are gearing up to release a new album….. ‘Another Shot Fired’, due November 9th.

While we wait expectantly, they’re about to release the LP’s first single – a fab, old school, brassy and Hammond-led throwback, ‘Damaged Heart’. They say: “Damaged Heart is about the uncertainty that one might bring from past experiences into a new relationship and the fear of not being able to give oneself completely. The bright spot being the openness with which this uncertainty is raised. Altogether, Damaged Heart could – despite the irreparable harm that is suggested is in the title – very well be interpreted as a love song …” All well and good, but it’s the vintage soul sound that is the big attraction and the band’s new singer Roxanne Hartog is in fine form, her credentials enhanced by our sneak album preview (wait till you hear her on the balladic ‘Close’).

In the meantime, enjoy The Tibbs’ ‘Damaged Heart’ which will be available on all digital platforms and on a limited edition 45 vinyl from October 9th. Label is Record Kicks, by the way.