NICOLE HENRY is an American jazz and soul singer who works in and around Miami. In 2019 you may have caught her in the UK touring with  an Aretha tribute show!

With a 20 year  career and eight albums behind her, Ms Henry has just released a new single, ‘Is It A Crime?’. It’s her cover of the 1985 Sade song and Nicole first featured it on her 2021 album, ‘Time To Love Again’.

The emotion-stirring song is a clever amalgam of jazz and soul with a blues undercurrent. The “crime” she sings so soulfully about  is unrequited love … the desire of still wanting a former lover. The production – sparse bass lines, mournful horn fills and a  climatic ending – perfectly suit the message in the music  while Nicole delivers with just the right amount of restrained emotion on ths “new”, edited version.

Nicole Henry’s ‘Is It A Crime?’ is out now