The name AVA CHERRY might be familiar to some. You see, the singer and model has been on the scene since the 1970s and for a while she was part of David Bowie’s circle. After working with the Thin White Duke on things like ‘Young Americans’, Ava found work as a background singer working with people like Chaka Khan and dear Luther V.

Ms C released her first solo album ‘Ripe!!!’ in 1980. That and subsequent releases were very much disco-oriented. Now out of the blue, it seems, Ava has released a new single, ‘Love Shines So Bright’. The cut is a collaboration with Cool Million’s Rob Hardt and soul man David A Tobin and it’s a steady modern soul groove with a pulsing bass line and a scintillating sax break.. From her delivery it’s clear that Ava’s lost none of her passion and commitment and it’s great to welcome her back.

AVA CHERRY ‘Love Shines So Bright’ released via Sed Soul