Latest release from THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS is an uplifting ‘A Brighter Day’. The song has an interesting history. It seems that after the 2020 US presidential election, Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds composed an optimistic instrumental tune but knew he needed lyrics and an A list vocalist to deliver them. Step up JOSH HOYER leader of Soul Colossal. Hoyer, by coincidence, had some lyrics in the can but needed the music to present  them. With perfect synchronicity Eddie and Josh got to work and the finished tune has just been released.

Lyrically, the song welcomes the dawning of a new and brighter day for everyone who was buried in tension and stress from years past and focuses on a message of hope and inclusivity in years to come. The old school, organic soul arrangement is a perfect complement to the sentiment and Hoyer’s voice retains all the power that he showed on his last album, ‘Natural Born Hustler’.

THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS feat JOSH HOYER ‘A Brighter Day’ out now via Color Red