Over the last several months prolific Italian soul and dance music  producer ALEX PUDDU has released a series of singles – five in total that, we were told, were from an “upcoming” album . Well said LP is now released and, no surprise, ‘Blue Ecstasy’ is stuffed with more of the same, slinky, electro dance sounds that was the vibe of those singles.  

Some of the tracks, like ‘La Boutique’, channel an overt  Marvin’s ‘Sexual Healing’ vibe whilst others feature  breathy  vocals and sensuous bass lines . If we tell you that the album was recorded in Copenhagen’s  Sexy Lady Studio you can sort of get a fuller picture.

Signor Puddu explains the genesis of the set thus: “One winter night returning home, I find myself passing through a street completely unknown to me and suddenly I feel attracted by the blue light of a neon sign. Blue Ecstasy. I have no idea what place it is, I’m a little scared, but I’m extremely tempted to enter, and to discover a new world. I open the door, I enter. I go down the stairs and disappear into the blue The night is long, the sleep is deep, and as in a dream I wake up on a tropical island, the journey of pleasure is about to begin” Now we know!

ALEX PUDDU; Blue Ecstasy out now via Al Dente music.