One of the UK’s biggest radio hits last year was ‘Make Love’ from London singer/songwriter JOE CANG. The smooth blend of pop/jazz/soul was a mainstay of Radio 2’s playlist and those who enjoyed the song can now enjoy more CANG music via his latest offering – a 7 track EP, ‘Better Place’.

Amongst the tracks is JOE’S version of ‘Shine’ – a song he wrote some time ago with ASWAD. But the big tune is JOE’S brave attempt at the SAM COOKE classic ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’. It’s been recorded hundreds of times before, of course, but JOE still sees the lyrics as pertinent to a new generation… and ,of course, he’s right.

If you liked JAMES HUNTER’S last album, there’s a strong chance that you’ll connect with JOE CANG.

Find out more @ www.joecang.com