’20/20′ is the latest album from Canadian singer/songwriter/musician PAUL MANCHIN. Working out of Toronto, the set is Paul’s 9th album and it was recorded in England – in Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios.

Sonically, ’20/20′ is varied, though the overriding flavour is electro pop – in places it might remind you of the Pet Shop Boys; elsewhere you may hear Prefab Sprout! The exceptions to that make for the real interest. Dancers might want to check ‘I Wanna Dance’ – self explanatory really…. funky in a Prince kind of way with plenty of chinking Chic guitars. Different again is the breezy West Coast AOR item, ‘Wonder’ while ‘Blue’ and ‘Take A Ride’ are sombre – mournful even! Best blue-eyed soul moment is ‘You’re The One’

Paul Manchin’s ’20/20′ is available to investigate right now via your chosen digital platform.