14 KARAT SOUL were a 70s soul group from New Jersey Founded by Glenn T. Wright (Glenny T.), the other members were Russell Fox II, Brian “Le Mont” Simpson, Davis S. Thurmond and Reginald “Briz” Brisbon. The youngsters all had a gospel background and shared a passion for old school, group harmony – doo-wop, R&B and early soul which they often delivered a-cappella.

They recorded prolifically but despite their vocal prowess, they didn’t enjoy too much success, Maybe their sound and image was just a little too old fashioned. Whatever… they produced some fine harmony music and one of their best albums, 1977’s ‘Lovers Fantasy’ has just been reissued by the Essential Media Group.

Yes, the sound of the quintet, is old school but the concise 8 tracker yields plenty of gems for lovers of harmony groups. ‘Mr Rock N Roll’, despite its name, is a lovely piece of work, ‘The Trouble With Love’ has a Philly feel, ‘Please Say You Want Me’ is a pleading ballad while the LP title track might remind you of the Fifth Dimension or the Friends of Distinction and nothing wrong with that!

The release of 14 Karat Soul’s ‘Lovers Fantasy’ is one of a series of harmony/ a-cappella group resissues from the Essential Media Group. Other releases feature bands like the Cordials and the Royal Counts.