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The latest single from blue-eyed soul don ROBIN THICKE is a beautiful ballad that works on two specific fronts. The song is ‘Forever Mine’ and the singer says that the song reflects what’s going...
ROBIN THICKE: Sex Therapy: The Sessions

ROBIN THICKE: Sex Therapy: The Sessions (Label: Star Trak)

This, I think, is Robin Thicke’s fourth album and he still hasn’t quite decided what he wants to be – apart, of course, from a sex therapist (nice work if you can get it)....
ROBIN THICKE: Something Else

ROBIN THICKE: Something Else (Label: Star Trak, Interscope)

Robin Thicke’s been around for a while now and has still to completely convince soul fans of his credentials. His first two albums had some decent moments but his predilection for rock excesses and...