THE OTHER KYLIE; The Kylie Auldist interview.

Aussie soulstress KYLIE AULDIST provided the heartfelt vocals on 2016’s beguiling ‘This Girl’ from fellow antipodeans, Cookin’ on 3 Burners and when Kungs got their hands on it, the tune went ballistic!  It topped almost every pop chart, was featured in TV shows, adverts and films and has achieved over 1 billion streams and that figure’s still climbing. Genuine soul folk, however, know there’s more to Ms A than that one tune. They know all about her other wonderful collaborations with the Burners and the Bamboos, while her own solo albums (she’s released four) were enthusiastically received. Kylie’s got a new album on the way – ‘THIS IS WHAT HAPPINESS LOOKS LIKE’(due October 9th on Soul Bank Music) – and sneak previews to soul tastemakers suggest that this could be the one  to bring Ms Auldist to a wider, more mainstream audience and, for sure, prove that she’s much, much more than “the other Kylie”. So, what better time to find out more. Respecting social distancing – never mind two metres, we were over 12, 000 miles apart, we caught up with Kylie and started with the obvious request for some background….. Well, I came to the Melbourne from the … Continue reading THE OTHER KYLIE; The Kylie Auldist interview.