Sally_night_istAt what age did you begin performing professionally?

I first went on tour when I was 12 years old, when I went to France with a Choral Group … by the time I had reached 18 years old I needed a break from classical music  and the classical music world that did not suit my character or give me the creative liberty I was seeking. I decided to travel and ended up being distracted by various activities and work opportunities. After 10 years away from music I realised I was really missing it, so I started singing and studying jazz in a very informal way.

The jazz world is still something of an all-male preserve. What difficulties do you face being a female jazz singer in the music business?

I consider most industries are male dominated so it is something I take in my stride. The music industry and jazz musicians can be tough toward singers as they don’t always consider them as musicians, so there are often many jokes and comments flying around.  However the moment they start to play with you and realise you are really a musician and you can compose too they respect and accept you.

What’s next in the pipeline after this album?

My ‘things to do lists’ are always very long and diverse…I’m a Virgo so lists are part of my life. Other than developing my live show presence I’m hoping to find a label to release my orchestral album soon which is based on a theatrical musical I have written and would like to develop. I also have quite a few songs I need to finish composing and quite a few recording projects I would like to develop, especially one which includes a number of my original blues compositions.

Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions musically? (is there anyone you’d like to collaborate or record with?)

That’s quite a question as this is a long list too. I just hope I will live long enough to fulfil most of it. To name but a few, I would like to collaborate/record with: Marcus Miller, Kenny Barron, Monty Alexander, Charlie Hayden, John Clayton, Bobby Hutcherson, Wynton Marsalis, Herlin Riley, George Benson, Russell Malone, Willie Jones III … and the list goes on!


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