SHARON JONES AND THE DAP KINGS: 100 Days 100 Nights (Label: Daptone)

Friday, 19 October 2007 07:53 Bill Buckley Print


As if from out of nowhere, Sharon Jones and her consistently wonderful Dap-Kings burst upon us way back in 2005. Since then they've built up a huge and diverse following for their authentic and organically soulful funk sound. Such is the universal quality of their music, that they appeal to both trendies who dig the likes of Lou Reed and Mark Ronson (indeed Ronson often uses the band in the studio) and to died-in-the-wool soul purists who feast on the likes of Stax. The good news is that this new LP will continue to delight Sharon's fan base and, with some kind of radio exposure (though I wonder where), she could well trawl in more devotees. What's good about this album (indeed so good about the outfit's whole catalogue) is the consistency. Sharon and the guys do what they know they do best. They play the funk - but are astute to know that funk does have its own shadings and here most are offered. 'Nobody's Baby' for instance is bass-heavy, while 'Be Easy' has its roots in the blues - though you'll detect shades of the whole Lee Dorsey/Allen Toussaint thing too. 'Something's Changed' will ring the classic Stax bell and for those who like to dance 'Keep On Looking' will fit the bill - even our Northern brothers would like this one. Ballad -wise, the pleading 'Humble Me' and the Millie J-a-like 'When The Other Foot Drops, Uncle' show Sharon knows her licks. Ten cuts and its all over - but in itself that's a virtue too. True funk is sparse and never overplayed, and like I said this outfit knows what it can do - and delivers.
(BB) 4/5