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altStuart Wade's DOWN TO THE BONE outfit burst out of the traps back in 1995 and very soon they'd won the hearts of countless sophisticated soul and jazz fans who lapped up their groove-heavy, easy-on-the-ear take on the genres. They've been particularly successful in the Us where their 'From Manhattan To Staten' went to #2 on the Billboard jazz chart while their 'Brooklyn Heights ' was Grammy nominated – not bad for band in which the leader doesn't actually play an instrument!

As is the way with successful dance tunes, over the years many DTB classics have been remixed, re-imagined and tweaked by all kinds of people in all kinds of countries and now the nice people at Dome Records have collected together some of the very best of those remixes and released them in a 2 CD set... 'FUNKIN' AROUND'.

The collection opens with a real corker.... DJ Spinna's mix of 'Electric Vibes' which features maestro Roy Ayers. Other highlights include Speedometer's reworking of 'Funkin' Around' and Hoops Havona's mix of 'Right On Baby. ("Hoops Havona" by the way is Ceri Evans keyboardist with the Brand New Heavies).

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