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altFUNK DIVISION is a hard-gigging soul band from Birmingham (West Midlands UK that is). When we first heard 'em – back in 2016 – they were a trio promoting a great tune, 'Tell Me Something'.

Then the band (who were called Sound Garden till 2014) slimmed down to a duo – Mark Anthony Dufus and Derek King – and released the single 'If You Were Mine' and the tune's "Soul Mix" became a soul club fave!

Now the band are back to a threesome with Fiona Paulwell-Thindel in as vocalist and they've just released a new single – a gentle, soulful ballad, 'The Things I Said' which shows Ms Paulwell-Thindell's delicate, quivering vocal to excellent effect. After a few plays it become almost hypotonic. The tune is also available in a "house mix" which completely changes the mood and direction of the original (as you'd expect!).

Interestingly, given the band's name, neither of the mixes is particularly "funky" ... the former, "soulful", the latter, "housey" ... pay your money take your choice.... out now!

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