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altRecord store browsers (yes, they still do exist – browsers and stores!) will have noticed a trend over the last several years for labels to re-package old albums in multi packs. The leader, I think, was Atlantic/Rhino with their "original album series" – five single artist albums in one neat little set. Lots more followed, giving collectors the opportunity to catch upon stuff they've missed or just want to update.

Latest artists to come multi-packaged are DOWN TO THE BONE. The soulful instrumental combo (what a lovely old-fashioned word that is!) first came into our consciousness in 1997 with their lovely 'Manhattan To Staten' and since then the Stuart Wade produced and mentored team have offered plenty more classy soul-led grooves.

Now their label Trippin N Rhythm are offering three of the Bones' best in one neat pack. The three LPs are the aforementioned 'Manhattan To Staten' LP, 'The Urban Grooves' and 'Spread The Word'. There are also several bonus tracks to keep collectors happy and it's all good to go now.

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