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alt'Billionaire' is the latest single from LISA STANSFIELD. It's taken from her upcoming 'Deeper' long player that, we're told, is set for April release. Like the first single, 'Everything', 'Billionaire' has a distinct edgy, electro sound but the cut, at least in the album version, boasts a gorgeous melodic hook in the repeated chorus of the single word title.

As is the way these days, though, you can bet there are plenty of remixes – well three at least. First up there's the Ashley Howe radio edit, that's more a re-configuration than a simple edit. It's aimed for Radio 2, that much is apparent (my money's on Ken Bruce's "Record Of The Week"), but why loose that lovely hook for a dash of lightweight drama?

The soul crowd will find more to enjoy in the two Rob Hardt mixes. On The "Back In Time" mix the Cool Million/Sed Soul man slows things right down for a classic Stansfield ballad sound. The simply titled "Rob Hardt" mix is the one for the dancers... though not the energetic type. This offers sedate, sophisticated beats and is a great groove for the bus pass brigade!

Buy the way, Lisa's on top form vocally and we're really looking forward to the album and the promotional tour!

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