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altBack in the summer we highlighted a promising American blue-eyed soulster DANNY KEAN. Danny's from Farmingdale, New York and, blind since birth, he mastered the piano at an early age. Blessed with perfect pitch, he soon found a job on Sesame Street (honest!) and was soon playing the bars and lounges of New York City. Since then Danny's worked with people like Maxine Brown, Lenny Kravitz, Steve Harvey and Gary US Bonds and fronted his own band, Danny Kean and Friends. He released a solo album back in 2011 and since then his talent has taken him to festivals and gigs worldwide.

Since summer, Danny's been promoting a new EP 'Here It Is' and from it we were particularly impressed by the jaunty Motown-esque 'I Can't Wait'. The latest single from the EP is different all together. 'Soul Provider' (not the Michael Bolton song) is a moody, broody affair with a poignant, double-edged lyric.



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