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altSince the summer we've heard quite a bit about Detroit jazz and soul singer KATHY KOSINS. She broke through with the single, 'Could You Be Me' which featured Paul Randolph and its wonderful Opolopo mix it won a place on Gilles Petersen's 'Brownwood Bubblers' compilation.

We were told that the parent album was due in September. To be called 'Uncovered Soul' – named for the track of that name – the set's now been put back to February. And, here's the thing, that particular song  has been renamed ... now it's 'With My Uncovered Soul'. The album, though, remains 'Uncovered Soul'.

It seems that perfectionist Kathy re-vocaled the song and had it remixed by Soulpersonna. She says: "Soulpersona and Paul Randolph created a new soul arrangement of my song 'Uncovered Soul' and they gave it a new name! They recorded a Phat Detroit bottom of bass and drums, a great set of guitar parts, wonderful keyboard tracks and percussion in a tight groove. They played it for me . They were making a record of it . I said NO I have to sing it. I literally auditioned to sing my own song. They hired me!"

The end result- now out as a single - is a smouldering modern soul groove with a searing guitar fade that augers well for the album

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