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Keep your ears open for rising London-based, BISCAY, who have just released their debut recording, a six-track EP titled 'Burnt Mementos.'  Fronted by the alluring vocals of French-born chanteuse, Eléa May (whose cool style is reminiscent of Isabelle Antena, another French singer who recorded in  London during the late-'80s), the sextet led by songwriter/guitarist Phil Danter make music that is an unclassifiable amalgam of  jazz, pop, blues, and soul flavours.

The EP's highlights include its lead-off track, which juxtaposes a sweet, infectious melody with sardonic lyrics that berate the vacuous selfie generation - "pretty people are vile" blithely coos singer, May. Her vocals are underpinned by a crisp, simmering, guitar-driven backbeat, and augmented by mellow Rhodes piano, and horns, whose jazz-infused arrangement betrays shades of Steely Dan. Even the guitar solo reverberates with echoes of Larry Carlton. The slower 'Space Dust' is cast from a similar mould while the sultry 'Arromanches' evinces a blues-drenched shuffle groove. More upbeat, and peppered with staccato horn charts (courtesy of saxophonist Mikey Davis), is 'Good Odds, Odd Goods,' which rides on a  breezy smooth-jazz rhythm track and features some deft electric guitar work from Phil Danter as well as some tasty synth warbles from Kris Chase-Byrne.

BISCAY'S 'Burnt Mementos' is out now

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