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Charles_HammondCHARLES HAMMOND JR is a singer/songwriter working out of Chicago and he's just released a stunning and innovative four track EP that is available from his web site. The mini set kicks off with a subtle yet soulful '(Re) Introduction'. It possesses a wrap-around warmth that reminds me of MAXWELL'S debut long player. Boasting angelic harmonies and ethereal muted trumpets, it's a fine piece of modern soul music... the aural definition of laid back. Second cut, 'The Beautiful Struggle', creates a similar mood but just lacks the opener's magic. 'The Truth' is jazzier altogether while the closer, 'Left Behind' rides in on a funky/rocky chassis. All four cuts are worth an investigation – though for '(Re) Introduction' investigation is essential. The EP is called 'HELLO MY NAME IS CHARLES HAMMOND JR' and it's available via www.charleshammondjr.com

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